Cooking Quinoa on Fox

Quinoa (Keen-Wah) has become one of my favorite dishes at home!  Often thought to be a grain, it's actually a seed and is a great source of protein.  It's very simple to make and as you'll see on this In The Kitchen segment on Fox you can use it for breakfast lunch or dinner.  Watch [...]

My Top 4 Greens

When it comes to living your most healthy life you will always hear me say, "Food Comes First". What we eat determines how healthy our body can be and it's important that we feed ourselves in an effort to be our best.  Food is medicine, there are key nutrients in every single healthy bite and [...]

NBC Today Show – Abs

Are you looking to strengthen your core while trying to get the six pack abs you've always wanted?  On this segment of the Today Show along with Colleen Oddegard and Paul Schadt, I will show you a few exercises that you can do at home or while on the road to help you keep in [...]

Don’t Forget To Breathe!

If you've ever trained with me in person you've heard me say over and over; "Remember To Breathe!" What I am going to talk about are things to remember when either working out, or just going about your day.  Parents these are also great tips to pass on to your children. Why children you ask? [...]

AHIMSA: A Daily Practice

How can we find more joy in our day?  How can we be at peace more often? How can we minimize the unnecessary stresses that the world throws at us? As I personally journey each day trying to live a life of mindfulness,  I often think of Ahimsa a Yama from Pantanjali's 8 Limb Path.  [...]

Never Give Up

Never give up and you will never be defeated. Life will always throw unexpected challenges at you. We can look at these challenges as obstacles or we can change our mindset and view the challenge as an opportunity to gain physical and mental strength. Being challenged is an inevitable part of life, and the only [...]

The Real You In 42

The Real You In 42 21 Days To Create The Habit 21 Days To Keep The Habit Fitness, Nutrition and Goal Setting Everything you need to get you into your best health in just 42 days without leaving your home. Find out how hundreds have gotten into their best health ever with the Mind Body [...]

Zucchini Noodle Pomodoro

I love pasta!  There I said it, if I could only have one more meal, it would have to be pasta. However, I am also on a life long mission of "6 pack abs perfection" and pasta and abs are not always the best of friends!  Until now!!  Look at that picture and tell me [...]

Find Your Edge

When you reach a place in your life, that Edge, when you feel as though you may have to give up....don't. Every great goal in our lives will bring us to an Edge, a place that we have never been before.  A place where we couldn't possibly know what challenges await us.  When you reach [...]

Meal Prep Tips

If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail - Benjamin Franklin When it comes to food, this is absolutely the case, mostly because we all become so busy throughout the day that we have to grab something quick.  This is the single biggest obstacle we face when trying to achieve our health goals. [...]