90 Day Transformation

It was February 2013 and I had just received my first Yoga Teacher Certification, and RYT 200hr.  I was feeling mentally, physically and spiritually stronger than I ever had.  I had a big birthday coming up in June (not 21 and not 40, just sayin) and wanted to challenge myself to get under 10% body fat for the first time in a long long time.CB_Transformation_1 (2)

I put together a 90 day health plan, no different than the plans I had helped hundreds of others put together before. The one part I knew all my clients had trouble with was staying discipline for the entirety of the plan.

Let’s be honest, have you ever worked toward something, in about half way through, you’ve done such a great job that you feel like you ‘earned’ a cheat day reward?  Yea, you know you have lol.

I wanted to push for something, to sacrifice and to be able to show people what results a true commitment could achieve.

I named the program with 3 words and at the time had no idea that those three words would soon play such a huge roll not only in my life, but in the life of so many other people in such a short time.


When the plan got tough, (every weekend) I just reminded myself that it wasn’t forever, that it was only 90 days, and I remembered how important it was for me to complete my plan.  After all, if I can’t complete my plan, how could I ever expect YOU to complete the plan I give to you?

Here it is, in a nutshell:

– No Sugar (only berries for fruit, and the sugars that would come from certain veggies and potatoes)

– No Bread

– No Alcohol (Yup, you heard it right, 90 days, whoa!)

– No Artificial Sweeteners

– 1 to 1.5 Grams of Protein Per Body Pound

– 1 Gram of Carbs Per Body Pound

– 1/2 Gram of Fat Per Body Pound

– 45 Minutes of High Intensity Weight Training, 6 Days Per Week

– 1 Hour of Running or Yoga 3 Days Per Week

– 8 Hours of Sleep Per Night

That was about it.  Nothing drastic.  The hard part….staying committed for 3 entire months.  Going out with friends and ordering soda water got old quick, but KNOW THE GOAL was the only thing that mattered.

I came to realize that with a little discipline, any of us and all of us were capable of accomplishing anything we wanted!

After those 90 days, I was a new person, not just physically, yes I had achieved my goal of being under 10%, in fact hit 8.9%, but I was a different person mentally.

My vision became clear.

Lead People To Great Things!

Over the last two years I’ve been able to do just that.  I have so many stories of people accomplishing things they NEVER thought they would do.  All because of three words.  Know The Goal.  If you want it, here’s how you get, and now you go after it!

I put a 3 year plan together in June 2013.  I hit all of the goals I set in that plan, in just 18 months.  With discipline and most importantly a solid plan of what I wanted.

Over the next 2 months I am going to take things a step further for others, so that you can see what you’re capable of.
And as for me…..well, time to rewrite the record books, time to set the bar high, time to go after it and make all of my dreams come true.

Why you ask?  Why not?  Because I can.  Because you can.

Do what you can, while you can, because you can.

One chance to make a difference in peoples lives, and that’s all I want, to be here to serve, to help, to lead and motivate people, because if I can do it, YOU can too.

What are your goals?  Write them down.  Start small.  Lets see what you can achieve!  I’m betting it will be pretty awesome!

‘Know The Goal’


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