As a fitness trainer in multiple forms of exercise I love to share different workout ideas and routines for you to maximize your time and ability. There are so many forms of exercise and so many fad programs that its tough to know which is right for you. We will cover many different styles so that you can find whats right for you. That\’s the key part, whats right for you. To stick to physical activity you must enjoy it, even if its a love hate relationship, if you look forward to the challenge and can see the results you\’ll stick to it! Don\’t be scared to start somewhere, ease yourself into it, and remember fitness is a life long journey, its never over, there\’s never a day you can say I\’ve done as much as I need to. Your body is an amazing machine and wants to be pushed, your heart is strong and wants to be tested, and doing this is going to help boost immunity, boost mood, and help you with your overall long term health, so start looking over the different styles and finds whats right for you!

You don\’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! (not my saying, but I like it)

6 Minute Holiday Workout

With the holidays here our schedules can get crazy, but that doesn’t mean we can let ourselves go and lose all of the healthy we’ve made!  All of us can find six minutes per day and this workout is just what you need to get the blood pumping and put the body is fat burning [...]


What To Wear When Running In The Cold

What to wear what to wear? Different seasons call for different clothing and when we’re running the temperature changes quick. I’ve been going on some cold early morning runs lately, around 35 to 45 degrees on average.  When getting ready to go, it seems almost too cold to even run, but within a mile or [...]


To Run or Not To Run

As a personal trainer and person who just overall loves everything about fitness I often find myself going back and forth on whether or not running is good for us.  I am not a runner, at least I’ve never been educated on it, but I do run about 3 times a week after heavy weight [...]


How To Use A Foam Roller

Lets start with this…. If your muscles are not sore from working out, YOU’RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!!! Says the trainer lol. When muscles get worked, they expand in size and as they recover they retract.  This fluctuation in muscle size can lead to the pulling of other muscles in the body.  Most commonly when [...]


Vacation Workout Plan

Whether we’re on a vacation, away on business or for some reason just can’t make it to the gym, there’s always a place to workout! Below I’ve listed a five day plan of 20 minute workouts that you can do anywhere, and won’t need weights to do.  The key to these workouts is to go [...]


The Importance Of Stretching

Learn about the importance of stretching and some great stretches you can do anywhere!


Compound Movements To Burn More Fat

Learn how to add compound movement exercises to your fitness program to help build more muscle and burn more fat!