Sermon: Emotion_Anger Ephesians 4:26-31

In this message we explore the emotion of anger, and learn how to seek God’s wisdom and guidance to use the emotion as a tool that helps us navigate the circumstances of our life in a way that glorifies Him.

Sermon: Strongholds – Romans 6:1-14

Strongholds keep us from moving forward into the abundant life that Jesus has called us into. In this message we learn how to identify and destroy the strongholds in our life.

Sermon: Mercy – Psalm 41

Jesus quotes Psalm 41, as He shows mercy to Judas. As we walk with Jesus, He blesses us with the gift of wisdom, so that we can share in His joy, spreading His light.

Sermon: Saved_ Acts 9:1-25

In Acts 9 we read about the conversion of Paul. Jesus met Paul where he was at, in his worst state, and changed his life forever by shining his light into Pauls life. Through this account we learn that Jesus can save anyone.

What is Salvation?

Salvation: In this episode, we will define, salvation. I will share with you why you need it in your life, and then will share how you can have it today.

Sermon: God has a purpose for your life.

God has a purpose for your life. In this message we read Joshua 2:1-16, and learn about Rahab. A woman that society may have written off as not worthy of God’s love. What we learn in this message is that God has a purpose for every person that will believe in Him, and have faith [...]

Build the Team

The essential component of ministry leadership is Team Building.   When Jesus said to follow Him, He was setting an example of how to create a ministry that would allow for maximum sustainable growth. Jesus started small with a few (Luke 5), then chose twelve (Luke 6:12-16), and then He sent seventy-two (Luke 10). As a [...]

How do I find peace?

And, does the peace that Jesus offers make all of my problems go away?

What is Discipleship?

In this episode, I will define the word discipleship, I will tell you why you do want it in your life, and then I will share 3 ways you can start today!

The Gospel: What your life is missing.

Gospel means good news, and you are going to want to hear how this good news will help your life.