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I have spent more than ten years studying ways for us to find true happiness and I am passionate about helping you reach the success you desire.  Below are different options for you and I to work together individually, or in a group setting.


Christian Counseling: Our best life must be built on a solid foundation, and that foundation begins with the Cornerstone which is Jesus Christ. Each of us feel like something is missing and we can spend an entire lifetime searching for a way to be filled.  Jesus Christ is the only way to feel complete.  We were created to be in constant communication with God the Father, and the only way to gain the connection we all want, is through a relationship with Jesus.  Christian counseling is a way for us to build our lives on the solid foundation of Christ the truth.

Health Coaching:  Whether you’re looking to set up an attainable life plan, an exercise program, or a nutrition plan I am here to help you create your best life.  Together we will develop a measurable program that allows us to closely track your progress and make adjustments when necessary.

Nutrition Workshops:  Having been a guest to cook and teach nutrition on major networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC and others I can host a space or come to you to teach how to make healthy eating and good nutrition a part of your life.  Great for small groups at your home or for company functions and team morale building.

Group Training:  Whether it be Yoga or Personal Training in a group environment I can help you meet your needs.  With experience training for studios, gyms and onsite with Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses I can accommodate the trainings you need to maximize health and wellness.

Individual Training:  In all of the areas listed above we can also work one on one.  That means you could have a private one on one training in Yoga, Personal Training, and Nutrition.  We can sit down and create a plan for you to reach your goals in life.  We can create workout plans for you to do on your own as well as create meal plans to help you achieve your desired health!

Kitchen Transformation:  We can go through your kitchen pantry and refrigerator to get rid of the bad and replace with the good.  Sometimes the smallest of changes are the ones that will make the biggest difference and this is a great way to educate you and your family on what you have in your home!

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