6 Minute Holiday Workout

With the holidays here our schedules can get crazy, but that doesn’t mean we can let ourselves go and lose all of the healthy we’ve made!  All of us can find six minutes per day and this workout is just what you need to get the blood pumping and put the body is fat burning state!

Surge exercises are made for all fitness levels and are performed at intervals of 30 seconds to your best ability.  You then rest for 10 seconds and repeat exercise.

This workout with have you perform three different exercises, and you will repeat each one consecutively three times before switching to the next.

Your three exercises are Sprinters, Mountain Climbers, and Jump Squats.

Watch the videos below to see how to perform each of these exercises as well as to see modifications in case you have knee, back, or any physical limitations.

Remember there’s always a modification, something you can do to help get your heart rate up, so there’s no excuses, if you want to stay fit for the holidays and can’t make your workout be sure to do the 6 minute workout and you’ll stay on track!



Mountain Climbers

Jump Squats


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