Bend Don’t Break

Great momentum can sometimes be slowed up by unforeseen circumstances.
Maybe you get sick, or someone in your family gets sick.
Maybe you have an injury that keeps you from the physical activity that you want to do so bad.Bend
When these things happen its important that we adjust our perception away from the “why me”.
Sometimes a forced rest period is the best thing for us, a time to reset and refocus so we have clear sight to finishing the goal.
Bend, Don’t Break
You may have to waiver from the original plan, but that does not change the end goal. The only thing that changes is the immediate action we have to take to get there. During these times it’s easy to lose our focus, to throw our hands up in frustration and think we’ve lost our momentum, or ruined our progress.
Its ok to waiver from the original plan, as long as you stay in tune with the end result you were striving for. When faced with obstacles it’s ok to not be perfect, adjust to the moment, regain composure, Bend Dont Break!
Photo by@ Wanda Koch Photography

Know The Goal


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