I Give Redfox an A++

This past weekend while preparing for my first half marathon, my longest run Ever, I was introduced to a representative for redfoxRedfox Audio In Motion and am so glad that I was.  At first I was interested in purchasing a new arm sleeve for my Samsung Galaxy S4 because of its larger size my old arm band couldn’t hold it.  There arm band is a great stretch material with no velcro so no pinching on the arm, once I put it on, I knew it was a winner.  I had no intention of purchasing new headphones but once we started talking about the comfort, sound and blue tooth capabilities, I had to give them a shot.

Hands down the best pair of running head phones I’ve ever worn.  They didn’t  move at all, no bouncing no slipping, and no outside sounds coming in, just clear sound for all 13.1 miles!   If you’re in the market for headphones while running I highly recommend these, I am a fan for life!


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