How To Make Healthy Queso Dip

One of the most popular dishes you’ll see at sporting event parties is Queso Dip!

I was recently challenged by two friends to make a healthy ‘non dairy cheese’ Queso dip, and this is just that!queso dip222

The ingredients call for unsweetened organic almond milk, Lisanti shredded almond cheese, Kerry Gold grass fed butter, organic green chilies and some spices!

This recipe will make 4 cups and the macro nutrients of the entire recipe look like this:

Calories 256   Protein 17g   Carbs 8   Fat 21g

A serving, (because its so good and you wont want to stop) is 1/2 cup and those macros look like this:

Calories 32   Protein 4.25   Carbs 1   Fat 2.6


Be smart, try to use a chip made with nuts, sweet potato or something healthy and limit yourself here. Best option is always to dip with veggies.

To see the full recipe see below and Enjoy!  Go Patriots!!




1/2 Cup unsweetened organic almond milk

1 Tbs Kelly Gold Grass Fed butter

2 Pounds of Lisanti Almond Cheese

2 Cans of organic green chilies

A pinch of garlic powder, cumin and cayenne pepper, add to taste for your liking

How To Make

Set stove top to low, using a large saute pan, add milk, butter, cheese and stir slowly until stringy consistency then add chillies and spices.  Poor into glass serving bowl and DON’T GO CRAZY ON THE CHIPS

– Know The Goal


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