Smash Ball and Slider Workout

With all of the new equipment coming out all the time we can certainly over complicate what we need and what would be best for us.   Exercise does not have to be complicated and never should be.  Your goal when working out should be to get your heart rate up for a continued amount of time and to do it in a safe and sustainable way.

For some of us we deal with aches and ailments that may limit us from certain exercises.  For example Carpal Tunnel Syndrome could keep a person from doing many wrist exercises when holding dumbbells.  For someone with Plantar Fasciitis running and certain agility exercises may create too much discomfort and pain.

These two pieces of equipment are great for helping with both of these and they are amazing if you have no injuries at all!

Here are 3 exercises you can do with each piece of equipment to get a full body workout!

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds then repeat each exercise 4 times.  4 rounds of each is sure to get you heart rate up while keeping your body safe the entire time!

Know The Goal

Smash Ball:

Squat to Press :  Hold the ball on the sides, squat down bringing elbows to the inside of the knees allowing the ball to hit the floor while still holding it.  Upon rising curl the ball toward the chest and press up over head.

Seated Russian Twist : Sit on comfortable floor, squeeze thighs together, bend the knees and lift the legs, keep eyes straight ahead and bring the ball to each side of the body allowing it to his the floor. Keep the chest lifted and don’t slouch to alleviate back pressure. If you need to drop the legs, keep them bent and drive the heels into the ground.

Volley Ball Tips : Hold ball over your head, press up to the sky allowing it to release from the hand slightly and then catch it above the head and repeat. While doing this drive the knees high at all times


Forearm Plank Mountain Climbers : Put sliders on the feet, go into forearm plank and drive the knees up toward the chest in a mountain climber motion

Chest Fly Sliders :  Come into a high plank position, wing the sliders out to the side and back in to work the chest.  If needed drop down to the knees and perform the same motion

Jack Push Ups : Come into high plank with sliders on both feet, do a jumping jack motion with your feet sliding them out to the sides, go into a push up and as feet come back in rise up from the push up

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