What To Wear When Running In The Cold

What to wear what to wear?

Different seasons call for different clothing and when we’re running the temperature changes quick. I’ve been going on some what to wearcold early morning runs lately, around 35 to 45 degrees on average.  When getting ready to go, it seems almost too cold to even run, but within a mile or two my body temp gets up high, and I’m sweating.

This can be a problem.

When you’re leaving the house you’re thinking dress warm, but you also have to consider that if you’re going to warm up  you don’t want to have to carry a lot of clothing during your run.  As of late I’ve been wearing less, knowing that I would warm up, but thought it would be a good idea to find out some of the things to consider when thinking about what to wear when running.

I recently read a blog post by friend and fitness blogger Lucy Parker Randall who writes Life With Lucy Blog.  She was visiting a running store and trying on all sorts of different clothing for different seasons, even going into some specific clothing I personally would not need to know about, but for all of you ladies out there, you may find it very informative!

With the cold weather here and some long runs in my near future, I wanted her take on what to know about running pants, head wear, and socks and here’s what she had to say!

  1. What to know about running pants

For running pants it is important to choose a material that is synthetic. The reason you want to choose a synthetic material is because they have properties to wick away moisture from your body, keeping you warm when you run. If you choose a 100% cotton, it holds moisture which will make you cold when running.

2.Head Wear

Choosing appropriate head wear is important for those cold weather runs! I personally like a head band to cover my ears. Again, this head band is made out of a Polyester and Spandex material not a cotton material. A lot of runners also prefer a beanie to cover their entire head. This is personal preference but regardless it is important no matter which way you go that you do have something to keep your head warm and ears covered.

  1. Socks

You could call me a sock snob and I would be okay with that. If you told me 5 years ago I would spend between $15-$20 on one pair of socks I would have laughed! When you are into a long run and you have blisters on your feet and you are so uncomfortable you could cry, you only wish you would have paid that much for a pair of socks. Again, with socks, avoid cotton. I personally like a very thin sock that has compression elements to it to prevent swelling. Feetures are great socks that I would highly recommend giving a try

As my journey into becoming an educated runner continues, I’m glad I’ve got some more info on clothing!  Only a few weeks to go before I run my first half marathon, so stay tuned and I’ll be sure to fill you in on what else I’m learning along the way!

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