Silence The Mind Win The Race

The hardest exercise I’ve ever performed is by far, silencing the mind, not letting the mind race with thoughts. We all have so many things going on in life, it sometimes seems as if there’s just not enough time to get it all done. As soon as we finish one thing, we’re already thinking about the next 3 things that need to be done.
This becomes very true when we go through strenuous physical activity of exercise. Some great examples are running long distance, doing a forearm plank, participating in a hot yoga class, or any activity that puts our physical and mental endurance to the test.
Remember that true training does not begin until the mind tells you that you want to stop. It’s at that point that to get better at anything in life, you must push through just a little longer. Then the next time you perform that activity, that amount of time will become the regular and you will need to push through again, further than before to be better than before. Your legs have never broken or stopped working during a run, it’s always your mind telling you that it has had enough. We get worried, we panic, we feel the emergency of the mind and we stop pushing.
The next time this happens, practice silencing the internal noise.
Remember there is no emergency
True training happens in the mind
Silence the mind
Win the race

Know The Goal

silence the mind

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