Cashew Mayo Substitute

As we try harder and harder to eat more unprocessed foods we start to get into breaking down more and more of what we eat and how its made.  One of the staples in my meal plan is Organic Chicken Salad, which when made to my liking, includes mayonnaise.  Normal mayo has been long gone from my meal plan, I’ve tried vegetarian based, mayoand even Grape Seed Extract based, which are good.  But remember, good….isn’t the best it can be.  When we have an option of best, being organic and not processed by a manufacturer we should always go in that direction.

Here’s an amazing substitute for mayo, only 4 ingredients, full of good healthy fats and perfect on my chicken salad!

You will need to have a food processor or Vitamix in order to crush the cashews.  Give it a shot!
Know The Goal

1 Cup of raw organic cashews

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil

Juice from 1 and a half lemons

1 TBS of seeded or brown mustard

– Soak the cashew nuts for a minimum 1 hour to soften, then add to vitamix, blending on high and adding a little water until the consistency is smooth.  Then add the rest of ingredients and you’re good to go!

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