20 Different Sources Of Plant Based Protein

I recently wrote a blog called Top 5 Ways To Enhance Your Nutrition Plan and Diet, and the response I got was great! It’s awesome to see so many people that are focused on what they’re eating and ways to feed the body more nutrients! One of the biggest responses was to #2, adding more Plant Based Protein to your diet! I decided to bring in an expert, Raw Vegan Chef Rian Harris! Below you will see a video of Rian and I touring The Healthy Home Market where he shows us what areas of the store we can find some great plant based protein! At the bottom of this page you will also see 20 Different Sources Of Plant Based Protein!


If you didn’t read the Blog Post on how to Increase Your Nutrients, you may not know this, but Plant Based Protein has a bioavailability 50% higher than meat based protein. What that means is that the equivalent of 100 grams of meat based protein, you would only need 50 grams of Plant Based Protein! Sounds crazy I know, but it’s much easier for our bodies to breakdown Plant Based Protein than it is for us to break down meat, and it’s also easier on our organs.

So whether you’re working your way toward a vegetarian lifestyle, or currently eat meat and are looking for ways to add Plant Based Protein, you will find what you’re looking for below for sure!

Enjoy and as always let me know what you think, and always what you want to know more about! I love researching healthy living for you, so if you want to know more, I’ll always find the facts that are worth knowing!

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