Kalamata Cucumber Roll Ups

The holiday party season has arrived and with it some very tough days to keep to our healthy routine!  When going to parties one of the easiest ways to be sure there is something there for you to feel comfortable eating, is to bring it yourself!  Here is a an easy appetizer dish that IMG_9370looks good and is 100% healthy!  Give it a shot!

Know The Goal


  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 red bell pepper or roasted red pepper slices
  • 1 larde slice of red onion
  • 12 Kalamata oilives
  • 1/2 cup cashew mayo
  • 1/4 cup feta cheese (optional)
  • Enough Salt & Pepper to spring on each piece
  1. Use a vegetable peeler to shave long, thin slices of cucumber. Try to use the outer slices with fewer seeds
  2. Sprinkle the inside of each cucumber slice with salt and pepper. Evenly spread about 1 tsp. of cashew mayo on each cucumber slice. Add a sprinkle of feta as an option.
  3. Cut red pepper, onion and avocado slices the length the the cucumber width.
  4. Place several spinach leaves along the inside of the cucumber slices.
  5. Place 1 piece of red pepper, 1/ piece of onion, 1 piece of avocado and 1 kalamata olive at the top of the slice.
  6. Roll the cucumber around the filling and secure with a toothpick. 
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