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The Real 42 program has been designed with one objective in mind and that is to get you back to your best!

Through out our life we come in contact with all types of toxins. They include pesticides, pollutants, sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, among others.  Over time these toxins build up and our bodies are forced to create more fat cells so that the fat can encapsulate the toxins.  This is one of the reasons for the obesity epidemic that we’re seeing in our country today.

By eating clean whole foods and exercising properly we’re allowing the body to build lean muscle and burn off fat and toxins.  This is going to put the body back in balance.  We’re not demonizing all of these, but we are saying that in order to give your body the chance to reset back to it’s best, we have to give the chance to clean itself out.

Some of the most common questions we have encountered surrounding the 42 approved grocery guide are the why and why not to the following:

– No Dairy: Many of us don’t even realize that we have an insensitivity or allergy to dairy that can cause inflammation in the body.  It may be minor, but with all the potential hormones, and sugars that are found in dairy products there is too much uncertainty.  Give this is a shot and see if you feel different after the 42 days of not using it.

– No Seafood:  This is in the similar category of dairy. There’s no regulation or testing of toxins in seafood.  We are not questioning the fish or seafood as much as we are questioning the environment in which it has been feeding.  There have been so many studies proving that farm raised fish, especially from some other countries is extremely toxic due to the hormones they are fed.  Even if you think Wild Caught is better, lets think about where in the wild?  The Pacific ocean has too much going on with years of waste and now the Fukajima spill, the Gulf is now full of oil and chemicals that were sprayed on it to sink the oil, and we’ve seen rivers polluted for too long to trust.  So in order to efficiently clean your body to be your best, give it up for 42 days.

– Free Range and Organic:  This will be specific to eggs, chicken, beef and veggies.  Organic  is going to tell us that no hormones, pesticides or chemicals have been used during the growing process of both plants and animals.  During the 42 days in order to get your body to its cleanest state, try to each organic and free range as often as you can.

– Grains:  The great grain debate.  While going through out cleanse process of 42 days we want to eat foods that will break down fast and allow the body to target unwanted body fat, grains will do the opposite, so we stay away. Another reason grains can be harmful to our health is because of Phytic Acid, which is a mineral blocker that prevents the absorption of some key body minerals like zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium, all being important nutrients for the body to get back to being its best.

– Protein Powder:  All protein powders are not created equal.  Some can be healthy for you, and depending on what type of food and exercise regimen your body requires, we can understand the possible need for an addition to your protein consumption.  This is a tricky one, but if you really want to see what your body and mind feel like after being brought back to balance, invest the the 6 weeks into just eating whole foods.  The more food your body has to break down the faster your metabolism is going to work, and thus the more fat you will burn.  We will give a detailed report of what to look for in your proteins, but for the 42 days, go whole!

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