Fighting Winter Illness

As we come into the winter months we seem to be more susceptible to illness, maybe its the changing weather, who knows, but what we do know is that we have to be more careful than ever if we plan to stay healthy!

This can be tough as we are out and about more often getting ready for the upcoming holidays, that means we’ll be touching more objects that may have germs on them, we’ll be in contact with more people who
may have an illness, and then our children are at school all day with other children that may be sick as well.


To be at our best, here are my top 5 things we can do to try to keep in our best health this winter season!

  • 1. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night. Lack of sleep will break down the body faster than anything and when you do come in contact with an illness the body won’t have the energy to fight off the illness.
  • 2. Take some vitamin supplements.  I recommend taking a Vitamin D3 supplement in the winter because we get less of it from the sun.  Get plenty of veggies for supplement a multi-vitamin to get nutrients.
  • 3. Drink plenty of water every day about 3/4  to 1 gallon a day! We’ve talked about drinking plenty of water for weight loss and other physical reasons, but dehydration is one of the biggest ways illness can affect us.
  • 4. Wash your hands regularly! The easiest way to catch something is from opening doors, or touching things that others have touched. If your children are in school be sure to tell them to wash their hands often!
  • 5. Drink Green Tea daily. Green Tea is my favorite immune system booster, there are many things green tea can do for us, and boosting the immune system is just one of them! To see my Green Tea drink Click Here

So there are 5 things you can be sure you do over the next few months to help prevent any illness.

No matter how healthy we feel there are always those fundamental things we have to do to stay healthy and NUMBER 1 on my list is SLEEP!

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