Vacation Workout Plan

Whether we’re on a vacation, away on business or for some reason just can’t make it to the gym, there’s always a place to workout!1 a beach pic

Below I’ve listed a five day plan of 20 minute workouts that you can do anywhere, and won’t need weights to do.  The key to these workouts is to go at 100% intensity for the 20 minutes, you’ll put yourself in a great position to burn calories, burn fat, and get more toned while away from the gym.

So give it a shot and see which you like the best!


45 seconds of high intensity work followed by 15 seconds of rest before starting the next exercise.
5 Rounds – rest 1 minute between rounds

Day 1
– sprinters
– push up planks
– air squats
– mountain climbers straight knee to elbow

Day 2
– knee highs
– lying leg raise abs
– jump sqauts
– bicycles

Day 3
– reverse lunges
– mountain climber opposite knee to elbow
– forward lunges
– plank leg raises

Day 4
– jumping jacks
– plank jacks
– squat jacks
– south charlotte 3 step

Day 5
– full burpees
– flutter kicks
– side plank thrusts right
– side plank thrusts left

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