First Step To “Make It Happen”

As we start to look at the changes we want in our life it’s important that we realize one thing…

Change only happens if… WE MAKE IT HAPPEN

We meaning I in my case and we meaning YOU in your case.

I recently wrote about the 2 year anniversary of my 90 Day Health Transformation and the response I got from so many cs make it happenpeople was truly touching.  There were a lot of “congratulations I’m inspired” to “how in the world did you last 90 days”.

It was not easy, but it was not impossible.  Here’s an example of how changing perspective of WHY we are doing something can make change less difficult.

I had a conversation with a friend just the other day and she mentioned her “love” for frappuccino and how it’s a part of her daily routine which helps with the sanity aspect of life, but is also the biggest thing that may keep her from her health goal.  I get it, we all have them, and when it’s a part of your routine, it can be tough to even think about letting go of.

My response was this, as she was holding her baby tight to her chest.

If I told you giving up Frappuccino for 90 days would ensure that your baby would remain healthy would you do it?

No hesitation at all… YES!

Of course you would, because you gave yourself a WHY.  So many times we are willing to go to great lengths for others, but not for ourselves.  When I did my 90 days, during month 2 friends would tell me, “Chris you can have a vodka soda, it’s low calorie, it won’t affect your body as much”.

Sure they were right, buuuuuuuuut they were wrong.

I wrote down a goal, a plan, and I signed the paper committing to finish the full 90 days.

So maybe if the paper I signed said I could have vodka soda in month two I may have hit my goal, but it didn’t and the reason we stay committed to anything is to show ourselves that if we want something bad enough, all we have to do is follow the plan.


Here’s how we start.  We write down on a piece of paper four things.

What we want to change: For me it was to get under 10% body fat and be in my best health for my B-Day!

For you it may be eat healthier, to build muscle,  to lose body body fat, or to just be happier with yourself!

Why we want to change: For me it was to prove to clients that when you put your mind to something and commit to a goal you truly can achieve anything you want in life.

For you it may be because Heart Disease runs in the family, or to avoid Diabetes, or maybe for your children to have  a great role model who can exercise with them!

When we want to change:  For me it was 90 days, not an entire lifetime and it was worth it because I wanted it.

For you it may be a life long change, maybe there’s not a specific time you want to do, but either way set small goals with a timeline so you can measure your success

How we will make change happen:  For me this was the plan, the single things I was going to commit to in order to work toward that goal, and I said all along, even if I didn’t hit the goal, so what, I was going to stay committed to my plan to prove that I do have some control over my life in a world where we do not control much.

For you, this is the same, the same for all of us.  We must break down our large goal into smaller actions that can get us there.  That’s all this is.  Small Actions that lead to a greater result!

So that’s how you can do it.  Start to think about it today.  We have our 6 week program starting April 12th, make your when the 6 weeks, commit to the things you know will help you get to your goal.  Give this some good thought, and make no mistake about it, six weeks of commitment looks a lot easier on paper than it is to do in real life.

Think hard, write it down, sign your name on the commitment line, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The 6 Week Summer Shape Up is the perfect time to do it!

‘Know The Goal’


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